About Us


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New Life Credit Restoration Solutions is an educational, consulting, and financial services company for consumers and businesses. We provide financial products and services for credit education, restoration, building, and business credit. It is no coincidence that our experience with credit education management is just one reason why leading companies have teamed up with us as a premier credit consulting company, serving a vast range of clients with unique and specific credit needs.

Our team of credit experts are board-certified credit consultants who are experienced and knowledgeable in consumer credit laws, strategies, and tactics to assist you in repairing and rebuilding your credit to help you achieve your financial dreams.

If it’s your goal is to start, build or grow a business, purchase or refinance a home, buy a new car, or save more of your hard-earned money by paying lower interest on financed purchases, no goal is ever too small or too big when it comes to having the financial life you desire and deserve. We are dedicated to helping you achieve financial security and peace of mind.

At New Life Credit Restoration Solutions, our credit educational programs are designed to empower you with the knowledge, tools, techniques, and education to wisely manage your personal credit accomplish your family and community goals. Our priority is to help you take control of your financial life and achieve a restored financial future and freedom, and we do this through education and implementation. We believe that education is the key to building a strong financial foundation and continuously should be nurtured even after you’ve completed a New Life Credit Restoration Solutions program.

Our mission is to be your trusted consultants and provide quality and professionalism to our clients with the best service possible. We pride ourselves on focusing on 100% customer satisfaction.

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